The average roof cost in California is $ 15,000 on residential roofs, and $50,000 on commercial projects, including permits, labor, materials, insurances, and workmanship warranty of 7 years.

Depending upon the slope of your substrate and it’s current condition..

Lower pitches: Energy Star Maintenance Coatings may save you up to 50% on your “up front” energy costs and sustain your roofing system. Heat Applied Multi layer bitumen systems ,TPO, PVC, both reinforced – fluid applied silicone, polyurethane coatings systems, and Emulsion systems.

Steep slope: Architectural Asphalt Shingles, Standing Seam Steel, stone coated steel, Slate, Synthetic Shake, clay and concrete tile

The first 1-2 days is removal of the old materials. Beginning day #3 it should be very normal in regards to cleanliness.

4-6 men at a time during removal, down to 2-4 men on installation. The noise will be hammers and air guns throughout the entire job.

7 to 10 days including removal, sheathing, felt and shingles on the average roof.

Yes, we as licensed roofing contractors must follow their instruction. Typically, there’s a sheathing or wood inspection and final roofing inspection.

Upon completion of  “tearing off your existing roofing materials, we will inspect the substrate for leaks and termite damage. If there is a substantial amount of damage, you will be notified and shown the damage. A change order will then be applied and payment due at that point.

Min job cost $3000.00 repair • per job contract

Average Commercial Re-Roof $40-$60,000

Average Commercial Recover $25-$40,000

Average Sustainable – Energy Star Coatings System $ $20-35,000

Based on specific factors including not limited to zero wood replacement, single layer, overlay, sufficient ventilation existing, no moisture variable issues, no metal replacement estimated costs | based on 3500-6000 sq feet.

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